For 2018, our focus is two-fold: membership and fundraising. I believe that as an alumni organization, UPAAGC primarily exist to give back to our alma mater. UPAAGC has been doing this since its inception. Every year, we pick our beneficiary from among the different colleges or campuses or organizations.

This year, our goal is to reach out to as many UP alumni and UP friends as possible. I believe that the life of any alumni organization really depends on its membership.

As a nonprofit organization, a public charity, UPAAGC is required to reach out not only to its members but also to the general public. That’s why we need to engage in fund raising activities that involve non-members. Our Annual Golf Picnic is one of them. But we need to think of other ways to raise funds. The more funds we raise the more we can give back to our UP Nating Mahal.

For 2018, our major fundraising initiatives will be for the benefit of underprivileged but deserving UP Visayas students in the form of scholarship grants to assist them in their nontuition college expenses. UP Visayas has students coming not only from the entire Visayas region but also from the Mindanao region. Many of these kids came from very poor families. Although they don’t have to pay for their tuition, these kids need resources for their board and lodging, school supplies and other necessities. We plan to earmark $10,000 to help four kids finish a 4-year course.

I encourage everyone to serve and give. Serve as member, volunteer to be part of a committee, be an officer or a board of director. Or simply give. Be a donor or a sponsor. Or be both - a servant and a giver.

I would like to thank the officers and members of the board for their selfless dedication to the purposes of UPAAGC, to all active members who helped out in any way in every activity that UPAAGC holds and to the seasoned members of UPAAGC for their tireless support.