The University of the Philippines (UP) is cited as the best research university in the Philippines and ranks among prestigious universities in Asia and the world. With academic freedom and excellence, the UP System continues to “shape the minds that shape the nation.”  It gives the opportunity for excellent education for poor but talented Filipinos who will in turn help improve their communities. It has been producing professionals whose excellent work has touched lives all over the world, Including Chicagoland.


UPAAGC supports the various programs of the UP System, including scholarships, and research, as well as programs that benefit our local community. Its fundraising events have supported numerous initiatives of UP both here in the US and back home in the Philippines. This year, most of the funds raised will be used to help fund a joint flagship program by the Philippine Department of Education and UP to mobilize a select group of UP graduates to teach for one year in public schools in underserved areas in the country.

We thank you for your support!


UPAAGC is a 501 (c3) organization in the State of Illinois